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Cairns Conference 2017 Program & Materials.

You can download a PDF of the whole Conference Program here.

Follow the links below to read an outline of each session, details of the speakers, and their presentation materials, where the presenter has shared them – this mark  **  shows which ones that is (16 so far). More presentations will be added as they’re received.

Keynote speakers:

Keynote 1:
** Helen Street: Putting Social and Emotional Learning into Context
Download Helen’s presentation here

Keynote 2:
Erica Frydenberg: Social emotional competence, resilience and coping
 Download Erica’s presentation here

Keynote 3:
Megan Mitchell: The relationship between children’s rights and social-emotional learning

Keynote 4:
** Kerry Bird: Relationships and Sexuality Education: Much More Than Just Lessons
Download Kerry’s presentation here.
Listen to a recording of Kerry’s presentation (sometimes drowned out by laughter!)

Keynote 5:
** Brenda Dobia: What’s culture got to do with it?
Download Brenda’s presentation here
Listen to a recording of Brenda’s presentation (while you’re looking at it!)

Keynote 6:
** Sue Roffey: Teaching shared humanity
Download Sue’s presentation here.
Listen to a recording of Sue’s presentation (while you’re looking at it!)
Watch the full-length versions of the videos included in Sue’s presentation:
Harry Enfield: “Women, know your limits!”
A Letter to the Future From Kid President
Das West-Eastern Divan Orchestra auf der Waldbuehne 2011 Trailer


The links in the Stream titles lead to the Abstracts of each Workshop in that Stream – and you can also download the presentations from there.

Stream 1: Strengths

Stream 2: Circles
  • ** Marg Thorsborne: Restorative Practice and social capital: relationships, accountability and links with social and emotional competence
    Download Marg’s presentation here.
  • ** Sue Roffey: The ASPIRE principles: a focus on effective process for social and emotional learning
    Download Sue’s presentation here.
  • John Wallace: Social work in the classroom
  • Samantha Kourakis: Circle Solutions in an early childhood setting
Stream 3: Programs, pedagogy & strategies
Stream 4: The science
  • Ken McDonald: The neuroscience of wellbeing: what makes good ‘neuro-sense’?
Stream 5: Resources
  • Robyn Hromek, Theragames: Dragons & paragons & shadows: using boardgames to engage children & young people in psychoeducation
  •  ** Kimberley O’Brien & Leo Rocker, Quirky Kid: Supporting children’s social and emotional learning in the school setting
    Download their presentation at this link (NB 32MB file): https://www.dropbox.com/s/ybmh14hua80kqmk/Quirky%20Kid%20Presentation.pdf?dl=0
  • Georgena Stuckenschmidt, St Luke’s Innovative Resources: Strengths-based tools for stimulating conversations around strengths and feelings
Stream 6: School’s experiences
Exhibitors and stalls