Wellbeing Australia is a not-for-profit Network* of people and organizations committed to developing the healthy relationships that lead to individual and community wellbeing, especially in education

About WBAN.


The objects of the company in its Constitution are:

(a) Wellbeing Australia Network aims to raise the importance of positive relationships and resilience in schools, families, communities, organisations and government.

(b) We envision a world where children and adults are engaged life-long learners who are personally aware, caring and connected to others and ethical in their decisionmaking.

(c) We collaborate to promote individual, school and community wellbeing and seek constructive and emotionally literate solutions to issues facing society; and

(d) to carry out such other functions and purposes which are necessary or incidental to the charitable purposes of the company.


Our primary purpose is the development of caring, inclusive school communities which foster the wellbeing of all students, teachers and families. This is linked to improving the wellbeing of communities in general and the development of a civil, safe, inclusive and just society.

This is a networking website for those interested in how we might put the above into practice by developing relational values, social and emotional literacy, restorative practices and social capital in Australia and the Pacific region.

This requires a multi-dimensional approach focusing on both individuals and systems. We are interested in how positive psychology, ecological and community approaches can help in this endeavour.

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Wellbeing Australia Network is a not-for-profit public company limited by guarantee registered with ASIC as ACN 154 529 834, and registered as a Tax Concession Charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission and the Australian Taxation Office. The Directors of Wellbeing Australia Network are Allan Gatenby, Sue Roffey, Donné Newbury, Kathryn Taylor, Debra Magi and David Roffey (non-voting Treasurer) – for their bios see the Directors page. The Directors are responsible for the administration and funding of  what we do.

The Constitution of Wellbeing Australia Network can be downloaded here: Wellbeing Australia Network.pdf. The Ordinary (voting) Members of WBAN under that Constitution are Sue Roffey, Ali Palmer, Helen Street, Sue Langley, Alison Soutter, Robyn Hromek, Sue Cahill, Ann-Maree Kelly, Nicky Sloss and Debra Magi. You can become a Member of WBAN by filling in this form: WBAN Membership Application 2017 and submitting it to the Directors. The form explains the obligations of Members.